About My Steveston Series

Ever since I moved to Steveston in 2016, I have been fascinated by the rich history behind this quaint village.  I love imagining children playing outside the colourful little houses while their parents were out at sea or working hard at the cannery.  What a life it must have been!   

Nothing strikes a chord with me more than the connection I share with the early settlers from Japan (it might have something to do with my being a Japanese immigrant myself!).

The "My Steveston" series showcases a collection of items and scenes around this magical little village that I call home.  

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About Follow the White Rabbits Series

I grew up with my pet rabbits, and rabbits always have a special place in my heart.  Perhaps because of my love for rabbits that I love Alice in Wonderland so much.  "Follow the White Rabbits" has always been a title of my solo shows over the years.  I have always been inspired to create art and illustration about the world that's beautifully strange, playful but a bit serious at the same time.  

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