White Rabbit's Tiny Studio

White Rabbit’s Tiny Studio is a tiny art studio where paintings of white rabbits and curious Alice in Wonderland inspired artworks are created everyday.

The studio is in a sleepy yet magical little village in Canada (eh!) and is run by an equally sleepy and magical resident artist Kanako Heinrichs.

The resident artist is normally pretty busy either painting or having afternoon tea but the new exhibition info, paintings in progress and other posts can  be found on Instagram! #whiterabbitstinystudio


[Artist Statement]

From a young age, studying illustrations in children’s literature has been my passion.  Sometimes my inspiration comes from the works by great artists like Sir John Tenniel, Maurice Sendak and Joseph Cornell, to mention a few,  and sometimes it just comes to me while living my simple life in the quaint little village.   I truly enjoy creating a dream-like and sometimes nightmarish world that is reminiscent of fairytales, children’s stories and folktales, and I enjoy painting in detail while applying different motifs that are hidden within my work.

My goal is to embed layers of meaning and stories into the paintings allowing viewers to briefly escape from reality. I prefer to leave the interpretation up to viewers by creating an open-ended storyline that draws viewers into their own world of imagination.

I work mainly with acrylic and oil on canvas or paper.